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Posted by Jayne Laver on 29/12/2019

I've been researching my ancestors, the Newby family of Barningham. The daughter of the Rev George Newby of Witton-le-Wear, Mary, was wife to the Rector of Winlaton's St Paul's, Henry Wardell. Letters from her mother to her father when the former was undergoing treatment in Lancashire suggest that her mother was not comfortable leaving the young Mary alone with Henry, advising that she should be chaperoned at all times when he was present at the vicarage. They went on to have 12 children. She died some time before her son Charles, an actor, married the actress Ellen Terry. A fascinating family and it all started in Winlaton.

Posted by Dorothy Marjorie Walker on 09/10/2019   Email

Thank you for this site - being in New Zealand and when I was in England not of the Durham area it has proved so useful to familiarize myself with the village of Winlaton. I am particularly interested in the name SIDDOWAY and through reading this site and books find I now have good reason to consider that the man who was first mentioned in the Sunderland area may well have been from the Black Country. Thanks again. Dorothy Walker nee SIDAWAY

Posted by winlaton history on 09/09/2019   Email

to the lady enquiring about William Renwick there is an item on our website Old Winlaton - Prizefighting and Will Renwick

Posted by Mr Robert Taylor on 10/08/2019   Email

Interesting. I have been researching the Kyle family at Winlaton for a close friend who is a Kyle.I am trying to find out where William Kyle (Born C1710 died 1780) originally came from. He was an Agent to Messr's Crowley & Co and married Catherine Reay in 1753 at Holy Cross, Ryton

Posted by Barry Parker on 16/02/2019   Email

My father was Robert Rea Parker (b 1914), son of Charlie Parker who at one time was owner of Bagnalls Chainmakers, they went out of business just before the WW1. I think they lived in Hanover Square, Winlaton, next door in the big house lived a Miss Green. My fathers mother's maiden name she was Rea. Charlie had 2 sons Robert Rea and Jim (Jim went to live in Leeds) any info on the Parker/Rea family please.

Posted by Maureen Wood on 16/09/2018   Email

My father Richard Gallagher was born in Turret Place in 1915. He always told me he lived in a castle but it transpires he did. He would have been s contemporary of the girl in the picture of Blaydon castle.

Posted by Rosamund Manuel on 08/08/2017   Email

My grandfather, Thomas Wannop, lived on Hallgarth Farm with his family in the 1920s and 1030s. They were renovating and after removing 5layers of wallpaper, discovered a door leading to a tunnel. They explored only so far and found several rooms, one of which contained a chaise lounge and one lace glove. My Mum Faith was the daughter of Thomas and Rebekah Wannop and I believe the family moved when my grandfather passed away.. my grandmother, Rebekah, lived at 10, North Street and is buried in the cemetery of St Paul's Church along with other members of the Wannop family. Mum was a war bride and married my Dad (an Australian soldier) in that church in 1942. We lived in England from 1949 until 1970 and spent every Christmas with Mum's brother (Bill Wannop) in Burncroft, Sandy Bank, Blaydon. My grandmother had sisters who married farmers from the Barlow area. I remember going to Greener's Co op in Blaydon and also a corner shop in Winlaton which sold newspapers, sweets and all sorts of bi

Posted by Norman on 26/01/2017   Email

I beleive my mother was born at 23 turret place in 1904 any information would be gratefully received. Thank you norman

Posted by Rich Hurst on 05/09/2016   Email

Very interesting reading for an old Blaydonian.

Posted by winlaton history society on 20/08/2015

Happy days Bill, thanks for the memory

Posted by Bill on 20/08/2015

Blacksmith's Forge: The last remaining blacksmith's forge at Hood Square,Winlaton. I remember myself and Geoff Swan playing the wag and hiding out there in the afternoon. Our classroom was in the Annexe so what was the point, apart from four of the very best from Mr. Smith next day :-(

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